Pukekohe Bobcats

Bobcats – Diggers – Trucks

We specialise in Excavation and Drainage services in and around the South Auckland/Franklin region. With over 25 years’ Experience of Drain-laying and Earthworks our Company prides itself on offering quality services to both commercial and residential clients. Our earth moving & Drainage employees strive to meet the demands of all customers, while consistently providing safe work practises.



Image of Excavation


  • Quality, fast soil levelling & conditioning for new lawns with Harley landscape rake.
  • New House/shed & Driveway excavations
  • Levelling & Contouring of soil or metal
  • New house Floor fills
  • Site clean ups
  • Drilling 300 to 600 mm wide by 4 meters deep
  • Concrete removal
  • Metal, Sand, Topsoil supplied



Image of Drainlaying


  • Commercial or Residential
  • Sewage and Stormwater
  • Septic tanks & Irrigation Fields
  • Soak Holes
  • Field/lawn drainage
  • Manholes
  • Channel Drains